Going the Extra Mile at Your ALJ Hearing

caring hearts

Retired Administrative Law Judge Bob Soltis appeared on our recent Finally Friday! show and discussed the Caring Hearts v. Burwell decision, just handed down by a Federal Appeals Court on May 31 2016. After our discussion, he wrote this blog post at his own site, to emphasize an issue that is often overlooked, by all parties at these hearings.

“Last week’s 10th Circuit decision in Caring Hearts Personal Home Services, Inc. v. Burwell (No. 14-3234) finding the appellant not liable for unpaid charges because it couldn’t be expected to know about regulations not yet in existence on the dates of service reminded us to make sure our proposed decisions and hearing presentations address liability for unpaid charges.”

You can find the rest of his article and more, plus links to his books, at his site.

Via: http://www.advocacyakademie.org/blog/

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