“Finally Friday!” EMR Audits Explained

This session was recorded on Friday, June 7, 2013.

Today’s show is an interview with Jim Tate, aka The EMR Advocate. Jim talks about the new wave of audits coming from a new CMS contractor, reviewing the attestations made by hospitals to receive EMR incentive payments. Find out what to do if you get notified of an audit, and hear from Jim about the appeals process for a failed audit. Jim is the first one to ever enter the process with a hospital, and his insights are extremely valuable.

Video Recording

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Sorry no slides, but you can click the boxes below to download these documents…

2011 ACCF-AHA-SCAI Guideline for PCI

EHR Audit Overview Fact Sheet

AHA Documents on Rebilling

EHR Supporting Documentation Audits for Hospitals


Find more great links and handouts at Jim Tate’s website:

AHA Documents on Rebilling

The EMR Advocate Website



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