“Special Edition” Disruption in 2018: Providers & Payers

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Friday, May 4, 2018

Disruption in 2018:
Providers & Payers


It’s a banner year for somebody. Somewhere. Maybe.

appeal academy | finally friday | medical audit


Finally Friday! Broadcasts are Sponsored by
The Health Law Partners, and The Sixth National PA/UR Boot Camp

THIS WEEK, we are welcoming back Day Egusquiza, along with John Montaine, a past master and expert at Contracting! 

appeal academy | medical audit

Day Egusquiza, full of passion as always!

This is the second of two webinars Day is doing as a prelude/preview of her class at the Pre-conference for the Sixth National PA/UR Boot Camp in July. 

Previously, she identified four areas of impact: Patients, the Nation, Providers, and Payers. And as usual, she has TONS to say about whatever she talks about. She had plenty to say, last time, on March 23, and we expect even more for this talk. And lemme tell you… the things that are happening are highly significant, and will mean many more changes are on the horizon for healthcare providers, especially.

John Montaine, MBA, FHFMA, HRM

And then we have John Montaine, CEO at Creative Managed Care Solutions, who heads a team of managed care negotiators with 25 years experience working with national payers to successfully negotiate hospital and physician contracts that deliver improved results to achieve their clients’ goals. Trust me: he has plenty to say on this subject, too!

This week, we’ll be talking about what disruption looks like for Providers and Payers.

SO… we will be discussing these questions:

  • WHAT is the move from Volume to Value doing to Providers?
  • WHAT is the move from Volume to Value doing to Hospitals?
  • WHAT is the Convergence in healthcare?
  • WHO are the players that are “converging”?
  • WHAT is Walmart doing NOW?
  • WHAT are Aetna and United Healthcare doing NOW?
  • WHAT is TRUE reason the payers want pre-auths?
  • WHAT should you take from this into your contract meetings?

So join us, share your own insights and bring your questions for us!


(SORRY – Technical Reasons, we have to use this “older” room)

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