OMHA Medicare Appellant Forum – Recording by Appeal Academy

Find the player, below! We recorded the complete forum, but missed perhaps the first minute or so, which was just part of an introduction. After the lunch break, we again missed the first 30 seconds or so. Otherwise, this is a faithful, unedited recording of what we saw and heard via the webinar connection.

We’ve attempted to even out the audio, but some speakers are still rather low level, and a few speakers are too loud, overloading the microphone. Sorry, nothing we can do about the distortion, but it is mostly still intelligible.

At about 5 minutes into the forum, audio was lost for all online and conference call listeners, for about 1 minute. This happened later, as well, but only during the first few minutes.

NOTE: This is posted on a streaming server, so you should be able to jump around inside the recording, and you do not have to simply wait for something to come up. Jump around at will.

Also, you can expand the player to full screen, which gives the best resolution of the recording (1280 x 720).

FYI, we were told that there were only 80 attendees in person, and about 480 online. To our knowledge, the AMA, the AHA, AHIMA, nor any major support organization was in attendance on site.

Watch for our Finally Friday! show on October 31 for our review of the forum.

When available, we will post the CMS slide deck, here.

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