No Updates on CMS-1455 IP Part B Rebilling?

Silence Rules…

Unfortunately, it would appear that very little is being reported or written about CMS-1455 rulings, since it came out. A search for it seems to give very little new material, besides what we have been providing via Finally Friday! shows.

But There’s Been Lots of Discussion…

Here are some of our latest, with some pretty complete diagrams, suitable eve for giving to your billing departments, to give them guidance on what works, and what doesn’t.

“Finally Friday!” Report & Workflow: IP Part B Rebilling


Sharon Easterling of Recovery Analytics provides a workflow diagram to help you structure your processes for rebilling Inpatient Part B for denied Part A claims, per the new IP Part B rebilling rules. Also includes links to 

“Finally Friday!” CMS Open Door Forum – Part B Rebilling


Recovery Analytics Discussion Points for Part B IP Rebilling Process Change (PDF, 6 pgs). Appeal Academy Appeal Dates Simulator for Part B IP Rebilling Processes (MS Excel .xlsx file in ZIP archive) 

Have You Seen Our Free Report?

CMS-1455 ReportOur complete report is available now, at THIS PAGE.

Academy Members
You can use my presentation or use it to create your own version. My PowerPoint slides, the handouts and an outline of the slide show (a Word doc, for import into your own PPT presentation) are all available for free, HERE NOW.
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