Finally Friday! Meeting Controls Overview

conference accessTip: If you cannot seem to connect via internet, you can always use the phone… it’s all the same audio.

ALSO: If you wish to SPEAK to the presenters, we’d PREFER that you be on the phone — less troublesome audio there.   Tell us you’d like to speak, in chat, and we will enable you to unmute your line and begin speaking.

chatTip:    BE AWARE —  it is very easy to forget to send to just one person and accidentally send a chat to ALL!  Be careful what you type!


participantsTip:   You might want to change your name when you enter the meeting… remember, EVERYONE can see your name…  I recommend first names only… but it’s up to you!

moreTip:   If you are asking a question or you are presenting, then you can get this kind of control. Just remember, the hosts/moderators are the ones that grant such control.

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