CMS Inpatient-only Lists and Tools

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CMS IP-only Lookup Tool

CMS IP-only Lists Lookup Tool

 A Free tool, courtesy of Appeal Academy

Appeal Academy has created the following tool and makes it available to members and anyone who attends one of our webinars about these lists and processes.

Appeal Academy IP-only Lookup Tool ver. 1.0E





CMS IP-only List

 CMS IP-only Lists, 2009-2012

 Excel workbooks from the CMS website

Codes That Are Paid Only as Inpatient Procedures are listed in Addendum E for each CMS OPPS Final Rule.

Below are the most recent years that a hospital might need to reference:

CMS 1404 FC 2009 Addendum E

CMS 1414 FC 2010 Addemdum E

CMS 1504 FC 2011 Addendum E

CMS 1525 FC 2012 Addendum E