How to Attend Finally Friday! Live Broadcasts

How do I “join” a Live Show?

Participants on a PC or Mac go to and type our “personal link” – finallyfriday – in the join box. The big green button gets you in. That’s it. Nothing to download. No account required.

Tip: If you are a participant, you may be prompted to download the app to your Mac or PC before you can connect via internet.

Here are the technical requirements when joining via the website:

  • On Windows, participants must use Internet Explorer 8 or above, or the latest version of Firefox, or Chrome
  • On a Mac, participants should use Safari for best results
  • Participants must have Flash Player 10 or above installed and enabled in their browser

Requirements from a mobile device:

  • On an iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch, they can use the free app
  • On an Android device, they can use the free app

Is there a way to join without using the website?

Anyone on a PC or Mac can download the desktop app. Use it to start or join a meeting. It’s like using the website, but without a browser. Participants will be asked if they want to download the desktop app when they leave a meeting.

free app, pro app 

If you are using this method… you enter code  finallyfriday   to join the meeting…

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