“Finally Friday!” Where Are We With the RACs?

FRIDAY March 20, 2015:

Whence the RACs?

News, Developments and Litigation
Surrounding the Medicare RAC Program

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Were you REALLY expecting anything else?

Were you REALLY expecting anything else?

The words “clarity” and “CMS” typically appear as antonyms when I read the posts on the rac-relief Google Group listserv. And this past few weeks, in fact this year so far, has been no exception. The year is shaping up to be a whopper, and we haven’t even heard yet if ICD-10 will in fact happen while we’re young.

Change is change, and we live with it – it’s why many of us have jobs, but sometimes it gets overwhelming, no? Well there’s so much of it lately we decided to devote a whole hour to discuss several topics and also review what’s going on with the RACs, since those waters have become so treacherous for everyone, including the government and its contractors.

Forget the crystal ball, it’s your turn with the dice…

Join us on the show to review and discuss the recent developments in:

  • OBS: Notifications… after 24 hours?
  • SGR: Is there a Deal or Not?
  • Inpatient-Only Orders: CMS caves. Wait. What?
  • RACs, MACs, UPICs: More changes on the horizon
  • Statisical Sampling: Extrapolation is the New Black

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