“Finally Friday!” Understanding the C-Suite

FRIDAY August 21, 2015:

“How to Get The Keys to the C-Suite

See & Relieve Their Pressure-points…

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Learn 3 Keys to get the C-Suite to go along with you, to the benefit of everyone in the organization.

Learn 3 Keys to get the C-Suite to go along with you, to the benefit of everyone in the organization.

Many of the attendees at the PAUR Boot Camp last month had the pleasure of meeting and hearing a former hospital CEO speak about how different the executives are, compared to physicians. Not that they needed to be told the executives were different, but rather that were being told, by an executive, the reasons why those differences existed! And on top of that, they were given some tips on how to deal with or even overcome those differences, to the benefit of all involved.

Elizabeth Lamkin, a former hospital CEO, now spends her time helping hospitals improve their organizations, and is always happy to talk about how to get physicians and “suits” work better together.

The speaker was Elizabeth Lamkin, a former hospital system CEO and now CEO of her own consulting firm, PACE Healthcare Consulting. I’ve had Elizabeth on the show before, and we never seem to have enough time to discuss everything we’d like to cover. Anyway, we’ve asked her back for this week, and we’ll go into a little more depth on a couple of items she only got to mention, at her talk during the Boot Camp. We’ll tell you about how you can get access to the complete video of that talk, and also how you can hear even more from her, in TopGun Audit School Sessions, beginning in September.

This week, we will review and discuss some things you can do RIGHT NOW to begin preparing to pitch your C-Suite on your needs:

  • How do CEOs see the world, compared to Physicians?
  • How can a Physician Advisor get their support?
  • Compare the environmental pressures on Physicians v. those on CEOs
  • Why are meetings with the C-Suite so different that Staff meetings?
  • How to prepare for C-Suite meetings

So listen in, and get our handouts, below…

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