“Finally Friday!” Trends and Changes in 2018 for HHS, Audit Focus, 340B, Coding, Case Management

Friday, January 12 2018

Trends and Changes in 2018 for
HHS, Audit Focus, 340B,
Coding, Case Management


Can we get back to providing care more, please?

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From a report in 2008, but hey, has it changed much in the right direction??

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THIS WEEK, we’re BACK from our holiday break, and hooo-boy… we have some curious things to discussGiven all the news of late, including the selection of a former pharma exec to be the replacement for Tom Price and next cowboy to take on the administration HHS, it’s hard to choose exactly what to talk about. I mean, we only have an hour, right?

And, just so you hear it from me here… unlike other loud voices in the industry, we do not intend to contribute to the confusion and fear-mongering we so often see on the web, in many forms.

SO: Why Do We Do These Shows?

Our intent (mine and my panelists) is simple and two-fold:  (1) we wish to keep our listeners informed of events and changes that affect them and their jobs (mostly, directly), and (2) to point you in the direction of solutions – without necessarily endorsing specific solutions and/or vendors.

That said, we do sometimes point TO a vendor, when we think they have a worthwhile product or service – or – when they are approved sponsors for these shows.

(An aside, and again, just so you hear it from me here, the sponsors pay enough to pay the bills for this site and the tools we use to produce the shows! But NONE of us makes a living off of this… it is truly a labor of love… for providers, because we think the system gives you a raw deal, and we’re trying to help. So, don’t be upset, if I let a sponsor BRAG a little, ok?)

With that in mind, then, the question for this week is:

WHAT kind of changes do we see for 2018 and how will they affect hospital revenues and revenue integrity?

SO… THIS week,our Panel will be discussing:

  • WHAT might we expect from Alex Azar if he is the next HHS Secretary?
  • WHY did CMS recently penalize 751 hospitals and what does that signal?
  • WHAT the @#$% is happening to the 340B Drug program?
  • WHAT are the ACO changes in Massachusetts and what do they signal?
  • WHAT can we do to take advantage of the new Bundles model CMS just announced?
  • WHAT is going on with this new Low Volume Settlement at OMHA?

So join us, share your own insights and bring your questions for us!

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