“Finally Friday!” The Prodigal RAC Returns

FRIDAY February 17, 2017:

The Prodigal RAC Returns


Rules? Nah… Rules are so 2016…

Because, you know... Rules are so 2016...

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THIS WEEK, we listened to one of the attempts by a RAC to be personable and seem like reasonable, good-guy type of white-hat-wearing, cooperative, law-abiding citizens, united by the common cause of saving the Medicare Trust Fund, even at the expense of hospitals, nationwide, or at least the ones left standing after all the rurals are closed for lack of physicians. Oops – sorry that’s another show maybe…

Anyway, THIS week, thanks to Sharon Easterling, we have some interesting points to discuss, taken from the webinar held this week by Cotiviti (make sure you pronounce it correctly, they are keenly sensitive to this, for some reason: co·tiv·ity /kō, ‘tivədē/ ) – which was recorded, but evidently won’t be posted for about 3 weeks. (I can only imagine where the person lives who is doing the conversion, editing and posting of the video file – perhaps in Eritrea, with the world’s worst internet cotivity connectivity?)

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ANYWAY… the question for us this week is:

Can we trust what they are telling us?

Our Panel will be going over what we heard on that call…

Be SURE to join us we will be discussing these key points:

  • WHAT changed about review time limits?
  • WHAT changed about the ADR Limits?
  • WHAT qualifies the Discussion Period to be an endangered species?
  • WHAT is CMS using to measure and enforce RAC accuracy rates?
  • WHAT are the most egregious new RAC “options” for audits?
  • WHEN will the NEW contracts go into effect?
  • WHEN will the New RACs be allowed to do Status reviews again?
  • WHY you should really be prepared to Attack denials at Level 1.

So join us, share your own insights and bring your questions for us!

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FRIDAY – 1:00PM to 2:00PM EDT

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Fourth Circuit Punts - article 153.14 KB 30 downloads


This article contradicts what the RAC said on yesterday’s webinar,
but the article is dated 05/30/2016

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