“Finally Friday!” The First Ten Days Under 2 Midnights


I got a Secondary Review for CMS…. RIGHT HERE!!!

This session was recorded on Friday, October 11, 2013.


The First Ten Days Under 2 Midnights

How’s it going?


This week we invited some providers, to get a sense of what’s happening, now that the start date has passed for implementation of the 2014 IPPS Final Rule, with the new certification guidelines and the 2-Midnight rule. So, we asked around and found two hospitals that were willing to share with us all…

We were joined by Sandra McCune, from Lakeland Healthcare; and Karen Robinson, from Canton Mercy Medical Center.

We’ve asked Sandra and Karen to share with us about these eight subjects…

  1. Admission Criteria – are you still using InterQual or Milliman or something else or what?
  2. How are you handling Secondary Review, who’s doing it, and how’s that going?
  3. Are you doing lots of Code 44 changes, and how are you handling them, in time for discharge?
  4. How are your physicians doing with documentation for 2 Midnights? And specifically, how are your Residents doing?
  5. What did you decide to do for certification, and was that challenging?
  6. What have you done for physician education and how was it received?
  7. Are you talking about all this with other payors? What about Managed Care?
  8. Do you have an internal audit team, or do you do self-audits?

Also joining us on the show was our favorite “Audit Expert” – Bill Malm, ND, RN, CMAS from Craneware.

EXCELLENT show, providing great insight into two vastly different approaches by two different hospitals, plus Bill’s unique view from an auditor’s viewpoint.


Sorry, no handouts this week…


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