“Finally Friday!” Review of AHA RACTrac Q3 2014 Results

FRIDAY December 18, 2014:

Review of AHA RACTrac Q3 2014 Results:

Overview and Discussion

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Watch our recording of the webinar, below!

The AHA gave a webinar to cover RACTrac results for Q3 2014, on Thursday, December 18, 2014. While the report does not offer any huge surprises, there are some interesting figures to discuss, not the least of which is the continued rise of records requests and denials. While the RAC “batting average” (.432) is higher than Ted Williams (.406), that still shows a decidedly unimpressive ability to correctly identify improper billing of Medicare claims. And while the figures show a drastic decline in the number of complex denials for short-stays, this comes as no surprise, given the change in RAC focus, since the end of their original contracts.

Below is a recording of the AHA webinar, for your convenience, and the slide deck is also available here as a PDF.

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Please Note: Screen size is a little screwy until about 2 minutes into the video.

We will discuss the results on our show, with some Physician Advisors invited to join in the discussion.


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the AHA slide deck is available here as a PDF

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