“Finally Friday!” Dr. Pahuja’s 2-Midnight Rule Quiz

This session was recorded on Friday, January 10, 2013.

Take Dr. Pahuja’s 2 Midnight Rule Quiz

How Many Can You Get Right? Why or Why Not?

Hear Why You Would Pass or Fail an Audit for this Claim

Dr. Pahuja, MD and Former RAC Auditor

Our Guest was Dr. Deepak Pahuja, CEO & CMO at Aerolib Healthcare Solutions.

If ever there was proof that our healthcare reimbursement system is run by those who manage what they do not understand, the 2 Midnight Rule stands out as… a non-outlier. So, with all the gobbledygook flying around about IP versus OP, it was a great relief to see something HELPFUL, clear and concise.

If you have not seen it yet, go here and take this eight question quiz to see if you understand the 2 Midnight Rule in a case scenario. According to Dr. Pahuja, it takes 5 minutes and each question is based on 1 clinical case. It will help to differentiate between inpatient and observation based on the time of presentation of the same patient.

Listen to our discussion of exactly how he scores the quiz, and see what he has to say about what it does and does not show.

No Handouts this week.

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