“Finally Friday!” Can You and Should You Predict Audit Risk?

FRIDAY November 4, 2016:

“Can You and Should You
Predict Audit Risk?”

Frank Cohen reveals how
Audit Risk Calculation can be used
to improve your internal auditing,
leveling the “audit playing field.”

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Frank Cohen puts the power of statistics and analytics on your side! (Ok, yes those are pencils, but I couldn’t leave a GUN there could I?)

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Frank Cohen's clients range from solo docs to practices with over 1,000 physicians, academic medical centers and national associations such as MGMA and AMA, including nearly 60 specialties and in every state.

Frank Cohen has clients in every state.

THIS WEEK, we continue in our ever-lasting quest for everything proactive for revenue integrity for providers of all kinds, by inviting a well-known expert in provider statistics, Frank Cohen.

Frank is one of the top speakers and trainers in our industry, speaking on a wide range of topics including all aspects of practice analytics, process improvement and evidence-based management.

ALSO – since the RAC Contracts have just been awarded, we’ll briefly discuss all that hoo-haa, but don’t hold your breath about when they’ll start, since we’ve yet to see if any protests will get filed. It could happen. Again.

So… join us as we will be discussing the following:

  • WHAT is the Fraud Prevention System and why should I care?
  • HOW do CMS and private payors use predictive analytics?
  • HOW do payors “profile” providers for audit targets?
  • WHAT kind of “improper payments” do analytics find?
  • WHY do different auditors look for different things?
  • WHAT are the “Big Five” areas providers should look at?
  • HOW have audit targets changed recently?
  • HOW can this be used to conduct pre-purchase due diligence risk analysis?
  • WHAT is the difference in predictive analytics, probe audits & utilization audits?
  • WHY doesn’t bench-marking help prevent audits?

And a SPECIAL BONUS From Frank


(Normally sells for $499)

This interactive workbook lets you see how your practice compares
to state and national usage, for over 60 specialties, in all 50 states!


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