“Finally Friday!” A Hospital CEO Perspective: Managing The Billing Compliance Environment

This session was recorded on Friday, October 25, 2013.


The Bigger Picture:

Managing The Billing Compliance Environment


Elizabeth Lamkin

Elizabeth Lamkin, CEO at Pace Healthcare Consulting and Former CEO of Tenet’s Hilton Head Regional Healthcare, a two hospital system

This week we stepped back for a moment from “the trenches” and took a look from at least a slightly higher viewpoint – BUT we still talked about what to do in the Trenches.

Want to know how to get your CEO’s attention?  Think a former hospital CEO might have some advice for you about that?  Well, this show gives some suggestions…

This week we have the advice of a former, very successful hospital CEO – Elizabeth Lamkin. If you don’t recognize the name *you should* — Elizabeth is a nationally recognized speaker and author on healthcare quality operating systems, compliance, and RAC, and now runs a consulting practice based on 20 Years as a successful, innovative hospital CEO. Her experience includes several different hospital settings including acute, academic medical, inpatient rehab, investor owned and not-for-profit acute hospitals, with anywhere from 50 beds to 1000 beds. In short — she can empathize with just about any of you.

Elizabeth and her colleague Amanda Berglund have co-authored two books on compliance and RAC Team management. In their books are some excellent techniques that are totally relevant for the current topics of weeks past, here on Finally Friday! For that reason, we asked her and Amanda to share some of those techniques here on the show, and they graciously consented to do exactly that.

Elizabeth was also be joined by her colleague Sandy Newstein, a former RAC auditor and expert on the RAC and appeals process.

The show will include a concrete example of how to gather, generate and use relevant reports in a single department — the Cath Lab.


pace slides

PACE Handout – SLIDES 1pp format PDF


PACE Presentation – Notes Format, 1 slide per page



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