“Finally Friday!” 2014 OPPS Proposed Rule – Packaging Horrors

This session was recorded on Friday, August 30, 2013.

Today’s show, our friend Bill Malm, ND, RN, CMAS from Craneware joined us, and went over what he’s found in his study of the OPPS Proposed Rule for FY2014, aka CMS-1601-P. The main focus today was on the “packaging” — and raised this question: is this really just a way for CMS to basically create a single DRG for short-stay encounters?

The handouts include the Federal Register version of CMS-1601-P and Addendum P – NPRM 2014 Packaged code list.

To see the slide we used for today’s show, GO HERE — I’m using a free web-based tool, called MindMeister.

Later in the show, we were joined on the phone by Dr. Mike Salvatore of Bebe Medical Center in Delaware, and Dr. Ron Hirsch from Accretive PAS.

Video Recording



Federal Register version of CMS-1601P

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Addendum P for CMS-1601P

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MindMap for Today’s Show




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