CMS Varies Part B Drug Payments by Providers’ ZIP Codes

“Experimental” Program May Have Untintended Consequences

cms-logo-250x100A recent “experiment” by Center for Medicare & Medicaid Innovation (CMMI) will force vulnerable Medicare patients to abandon treatments that are working and improving their quality of life.

“The objective of the system-wide experiment is to track utilization patterns without looking at patient benefit. The study was apparently developed without direct input from cancer groups—and without their knowledge.

“Though the experiment was slated to be made public this week, a summary appeared on the CMS website recently, apparently by mistake. This flawed rollout—more of a drip than a leak—allowed oncology groups to blast the experiment even before it was announced.

“Based on preliminary information that was released, we strongly urge you to withdraw any consideration of implementing this initiative,” a sign-on letter from more than 60 groups of physicians and oncologists wrote in a letter to Andy Slavitt, CMS acting administrator. “

Via: In an Experiment, CMS Will Vary Part B Drug Payments by Providers’ ZIP Codes

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