CMS Updates Hospital Appeals Settlement

Ohhhh... get ready for this!

Ohhhh… get ready for this!

CMS posted a notice on their website today stating that they will reopen the Hospital Appeals Settlement process. No dates or other details are yet available, but “will be released in the near future,” according to the post.

Apparently, a well-known consulting firm and a well-known law firm were instrumental in convincing CMS to reopen this program. (I’ll reveal exactly who, when I get permission to do so!)

Meanwhile, the big question is what the percentage will be, as the offer to hospitals. The previous program offered take-it-or-leave-it 68% of the amount recouped, period, and CMS had final say on which claims would be eligible. That program resulted in just 2,022 hospitals settling approximately 346,000 claims, but leaving about 600,000 appeals stuck in the third level of appeal.

One wonders, then, what CMS plans to do to make a bigger dent, this time around.

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