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An AQ-IQ Live Webinar Series, sponsored by NextGen RCM, powered by Appeal Academy

Coding & Compliance Education Series — 36 Courses

We are proud to present another amazing series of great education, brought to you by NextGen RCM. This series is yet another amalgamation of many great courses, hand-picked to help both practice and hospital compliance and revenue cycle professionals, and even some of the C-Suite!

As usual, best of all — these will come with CEUs. Each webinar will have been Pre-Approved for CEUs.

Typically, these webinasr might sell for up to $195 each, as they are 40 to 60 minute webinars with Q&A.

But here at Appeal Academy, you can get them for just $99 each, and we will soon offer special packages that include Appeal Academy Membership, which let’s you see ALL the webinars, for a single low price!

So Stay TUNED…

The goal of this series is to give a complete picture of both how to avoid audits, how to get it right THE FIRST TIME. The lessons cover the basics of coding in CPT, ICD-9, even ICD-10.

Notice there are 8 complete courses on ICD-10 alone!

The series is offered in our typical and convenient live webinar format, multiple times on each day.  Each session offers a 15-minute Q&A period, and our interactive system allows question to be submitted before, during and after the presentations. Compiled lists of questions and answers will be provided to all attendees, as well.

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Dates Offered:  May 27 thru June 19, 2013

5/27 – Setting the Stage for ICD-10: Are We On The Right Track?
5/27 -ICD-10, Who Needs to Know What: Climbing Mt. Everest One Step at A Time
5/28 -Introduction to ICD-10: The Next Generation of Coding
5/28 -ICD-10 for Clinical Staff
5/29 -ICD-10 for Coders & Clinical Staff
5/29 -Introduction to ICD-10-PCS: The Next Generation of Procedure Coding
5/30 -Assessing the Financial Impact of ICD-10
5/30 -ICD-10 Readiness Checklist: Are You Ready to Take the Plunge?

6/3   -Tips for Inpatient & Outpatient Auditing: Game Plan Revealed
6/3   -How to Develop a Defense Strategy for Automated Denials
6/4   -Challenging the RACs through Appeals
6/4   -Preparing for RACs: Coding & Documentation Hot Spots
6/5   -Dissecting the RACs Statement of Work
6/5   -Take A Deep Breath – RACs Respiratory Issues Exposed
6/6   -Antidote for Losing Revenue on Drugs & Biologicals
6/6   -Exercising Your Options – Coding and Billing for Outpatient Rehab
6/7   -RACS in Review, A Look Forward – Medically Unlikely Edits
6/7   -RACS in Review, A Look Forward – Colonoscopies and EGDs
6/7   -RACS in Review, A Look Forward – Coding and Billing for Secondary Diagnoses

6/10 -Managing Modifier –25: Significant, Separately Identifiable E&M Service
6/10 -Anesthesia Modifiers: A New Awakening
6/10 -Your Epidermis is Showing!

6/11 -Conquering The Coding Process: Introduction To CPT- 4
6/11 -Building a Picture of Health through Outpatient ICD-9-CM Diagnosis Coding, Part 1: Coding Basics
6/11 -Building a Picture of Health through Outpatient ICD-9-CM Diagnosis Coding, Part 2: Application of Principles

6/12 -Anatomy of Surgical Coding with CPT
6/12 -Advanced Spinal Coding for Outpatient Procedures
6/13 -Outpatient Coding for Radiation Oncology: “A Positive Energy”
6/13 -On the Road to Healing: Outpatient Oncology Basics
6/13 -Medical Oncology: Outpatient Chemotherapy Coding

6/17 -Bullet Proof Documentation and Coding for Evaluation & Management Services Using 1995 Guidelines
6/17 -Bullet Proof Documentation and Coding for Evaluation & Management Services Using 1997 Guidelines
6/18 -Understanding the Basics of Evaluation and Management (E&M) Coding
6/18 -Consultations vs Transfer of Care
6/19 -Medical Coding for the Non-coder
6/19 -Medical Terminology Basics – Speaking a New Language

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About the Presenter
Ms. Digby has greater than 26 years experience in healthcare, which includes; medical office and health information management; billing & coding supervision and process design and implementation for healthcare providers, such as inpatient and outpatient hospital departments, inpatient rehab facilities, physician’s practices and ambulatory surgery centers. Her expertise includes performance of compliance and revenue integrity audits; medical records documentation improvement reviews; education and training regarding various compliance, revenue cycle, billing and coding topics; and, litigation investigative support services.

Ms. Digby founded AQ Consulting and AQ-IQ as an outgrowth of her former companies. Previous to 2012, Ms Digby co-founded AlphaQuest, LLC in 2000 and eduTrax, LLC in 2006, where she functioned as a consultant and lead faculty, instructor and author with developed course materials approved by the AAPC and AHIMA (American Health Information Management Association). She is currently a credentialed member of AHIMA; AHIMA ACE, Action Community for eHIM Excellence; GHIMA Coding Roundtable Committee Chair; is an AHIMA-Approved ICD-10-CM/PCS Trainer; and, member of the AAPC.

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