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From: The Desktop Of Ernie de los Santos

RE: Why Winning Appeals Puts More Money in Your Bottom Line Than Anything Else You Do

Dear RCM or Healthcare Compliance Professional,

Are you sick and tired of getting shafted out of the money owed to you by insurance companies and Medicare denials?appeal academy


Would you like to be able to cut through all of the smoke and mirrors and get the money you deserve without having to rely on some sophisticated coding software or a an encyclopedic knowledge of rules and regulations?

Would you like to learn how to finally start winning appeals, and even how to prevent denials all while getting all the continuing education units you need to keep your credentials up-to-date?

If you’ve answered yes to any of those questions, then you need stop what you’re doing and read every single word on this page, because this could be the most important message you’ll ever see.

But more on that in a second…In the meantime let me tell you something that you may not know:

The whole process of billing and coding is filled with pitfalls to ensnare the unsuspecting healthcare provider into an inescapable trap of red tape.

You have got to worry about coding, billing, documentation, all the agencies that monitor you, and then you have got to deal with the outright lies and misinformation that are being spread around by so-called “experts” – many of them who work for the same places that write those ridiculous rules?

In fact, it’s a total miracle that healthcare providers are actually able to even file claims, let alone deliver actual health care to their patients.

The whole thing is a sham, and I suspect that it was set up that way from the very beginning to make it hard for healthcare providers just like you to get the money you deserve.

But it doesn’t have to be anymore!

Did you know that insurance companies and Medicare are sending out denials as a way to cut their costs, even though they are well aware that providers like you are giving appropriate levels of care to your patients?

However, there is a way in which you can set up systems and run your operations to prevent most denials from happening in the first place.

Not only that, but there are some simple and straightforward strategies that you can use to WIN APPEALS!

But how?

Well it is simple…

You are going to learn how to do this by participating in a series of seminars and webinars that reveal to you all the strategies you need to prevent denials and win appeals.

Not only that, but you also will be able to get all the continuing education units(CEUs) that you need to keep your credentials current all at the same time.

This is ALL possible once you become a member of…

Appeal Academy is the world’s first all access network for education, communication, and collaboration for revenue cycle management and compliance professionals in the US healthcare system.

This multimedia-based training system is all based on the simple concept of winning appeals of denied insurance claims, denied Medicare claims, denied Medicaid claims, and also learning how to avoid those denials from even occurring in the first place.

Our key concept: if you know how to win appeals, you know how to avoid the denial in the first place!

This incredible resource utilizes several components that teach you how to improve and systematize your healthcare operation, and also allows you to get all the CE units you need.

To be more specific here’s a list of everything that you get once you join Appeal Academy:

I have scoured the country to find experts in all manner of subjects related to healthcare reimbursements. Each expert will teach you something different, and you’ll get new webinar training from our experts AT LEAST once per month for an entire year.

Remember, even though they will all be covering different concepts, the focus remains solely on preventing denials and winning appeals.

You also gain instant access to our 30+ educational and training webinars library. You’re going to learn how to do everything from getting your admission status correct from the very start, coding, using queries correctly, writing appeals the right way, tracking your denials, using CERT & PEPPER, and even tracking new RAC issues.

This training library has been sold for thousands of dollars by itself, and the courses have been sold for hundreds of dollars individually, but it will be at your fingertips for you to learn at your own schedule and pace once you join Appeal Academy.

Each and every week our experts will be creating short, fluff free, straight to the point interviews, videos, and articles concerning the hottest topics for healthcare providers who want to win appeals.

In fact, because most of our members are so busy winning their appeals and making a difference at their jobs, the videos and interviews are often only about 10-15 minutes each. And our articles are short and to the point as well. This way you can get the information you need and get out there and get the reimbursements that you and your facility or practice or clinic deserves.

Your Appeal Academy membership also includes access to our exclusive insider forums. These forums are visited by like-minded members, and our expert staff who are all eager to share their success strategies with you for winning appeals and preventing denials. You’ll also be able to stay connected to other passionate healthcare professionals just like you, 24/7.

This way you can connect person-to-person with other winning healthcare professionals, build your own network, and learn and share even more success strategies.

That’s right, there’s a ton more awaiting you once you have full access to the Campus!

So as you can see this is the first and only all access network for healthcare compliance and revenue cycle professionals focused on winning appeals and keeping your certifications alive without killing your bank account.

And all the value that you’re going to receive once you join Appeal Academy simply cannot be put into words or numbers…

But, we do exist in a world where price is important so I’m going to make you an offer so ridiculously amazing that you’d be insane to refuse…

After three days of full access to Appeal Academy you can

choose to continue membership for just $29.95 per month or $249 per year.



You know how some websites charge you thousands of dollars in a single payment or hundreds of dollars per month for their “membership” but then you don’t really have access to everything? Or at least not what you really need or want?

Have you ever seen them try to upsell you more expensive products?

Or maybe they have different more “advanced” levels of membership?

Or perhaps they tried to hold back content and dripped it out to you over the course of weeks or even months?

Or they might even try to scare you using fear tactics or fear mongering just so you join their membership, right?


Once you join you have full unlimited access to the entire Campus and ALL the courses right from the very start.

There are no expensive “more advanced” levels that are hidden from you.

There is no holding back content, you get everything right from the start.

And we don’t play any games with fear or hype.

You get straight forward training on how to win appeals, avoid denials, and keep your continuing education units up-to-date.

Of course we could make more money if we were to use those slick marketing tactics, but we treat our members like gold — so we offer them real support, real community, real updates, and we transform them into real winners in their field.

And just in case you’re still on the fence, I want to let you know that your investment into your Appeal Academy membership is completely secured and backed up by a full 60-day NO QUESTIONS ASKED MONEY BACK GUARANTEE…

The training in Appeal Academy is presented by the world’s best experts on the subjects, and our methods and strategies do indeed work if you follow their simple instructions and training.

But I don’t want you to just take my word for it, so go ahead and join right now, and try out what we tell you for a full 60 days.

And if you aren’t absolutely thrilled with the results that you’re getting using our strategies, tactics, and techniques for winning appeals, preventing denials, and staying up-to-date with your continuing education units…

Then simply contact me, and I’ll refund every dime of your first two months fees, no questions asked!

As you can see with a guarantee like that in place I MUST have total confidence that Appeal Academy is exactly what you need.

I’ve seen people selling single webinars for the price of an entire year-long membership to Appeal Academy.

In fact, if you were to try to learn the same strategies and techniques in the real world at a seminar, you could expect to pay several thousand dollars, easily.

But, due to our unique webinar delivery technology and Internet-based learning platform, we are able to bring you this cutting-edge game-changing system and valuable information at a fraction of what you’d expect to pay.

So join right now and see what Appeal Academy can do for you and your healthcare operation.

Thanks for reading and I look forward to seeing you in the members area,

-Ernie de los Santos

Founder of the Feast & Faculty Chair


Please remember that your $1 three day unlimited trial membership is exactly that. You gain unlimited access to everything Appeal Academy has to offer for three full days with zero risk at the price of just $1. In fact, the only way you could incur any risk at all is by NOT accepting this amazing invitation, and thus depriving yourself of the greatest success advantage that you might ever have the opportunity to discover.


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