Appeal Academy | CMS-1599


CMS Plans to Drop You in Shark-Infested Waters

ATTEND a rare Free Access webcast from Appeal Academy

…be more prepared to help write a meaningful comment to send to CMS, and to advise your hospital on the pitfalls and landmines waiting for you, causing frustration, overwork and disappointment to visit your work experience every day… month after month… if this new Benchmark becomes final.

Get your Free Spot now, and uncover the top concerns and suggested success strategies that no one else is even talking about yet, because the ruling, CMS-1599P is so large and not yet final.

appeal academy | cms-1599

Learn simple, effective strategies you can use immediately to:

  •           Teach your staff what HAS & HAS NOT CHANGED for documentation…
  •           Install a Physician Advisor program that’s right for you
  •           Re-design How You Handle Inpatient Orders… 24/7
  •           Get physicians to use the phrase “…admit to inpatient BECAUSE…”
  •           Teach UR/CM to get the Status right UP FRONT… even for surgeries…

Appeal Academy | CMS-1599

Learn the specific tactics you need to take ACTION:

  •           the Who:  Identify everyone who needs this training…
  •           the What: Create agendas for your own specific sessions…
  •           the How:  VERY specific suggestions on what NOT to do…

Sign up NOW so you can make sure you’re not blindsided by the change, IF it happens…

To Your Success with Appeals and Beyond…


Ernie de los Santos, Faculty Chair at Appeal Academy


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