Appeal Academy’s Special Offer for AAMAS Members — Explained in Just 60 Seconds!


My Special Offer for AAMAS Members!

CMS has proposed to change the long-standing 24-hour benchmark for justifying an inpatient stay, to what CMS thinks is a more “clear” 48-hour benchmark.

Actually, the benchmark is about being in a bed past a 2nd midnight, not really 48 hours.

Confused? So is everyone else.

To make sense of it all, we are speaking to many experts across the industry, covering many parts of the revenue cycle.

So, right now, for a limited time, I’m offering AAMAS members a 50% discount for access to everything at Appeal Academy. And to show you I mean business and give you an idea of what you get as a member, you can watch one of the webinars in my new series about the proposed 48-hour benchmark in CMS Ruling 1599.

But you have to take my offer now…  So visit the link on the screen now to find out more.

Thank you, and good luck with all your appeals.

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