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DON’T MESS WITH MY MACRA: Andy Slavitt stepped down Friday as acting administrator of CMS, the agency that oversees the Affordable Care Act. Later that day, President Donald Trump signed an executive order that could take a wrecking ball to the law. In an exclusive exit interview with POLITICO, Slavitt on Sunday said he won’t return to his career as a health care entrepreneur in Minnesota. He’ll stay on part-time in Washington to seek a bipartisan ceasefire in the health care wars that preserves as much of Obamacare as possible, although he recognizes it will take on a more conservative cast, report Dan Diamond and Joanne Kenen. “Where I can have the most value is as a problem-solver — that is, to view things through a pragmatic lens and connect with both sides of the aisle,” said Slavitt, who came to Washington in 2013 to help rescue Pros can read more here.

… Slavitt also had this to say about efforts to move away from a fee-for-service system: MACRA is “not out of the woods.” The law “has got to be treated like a collaborative learning process,” he said, urging his successors to continue to solicit feedback and not “start publishing the next set of regs without listening.” The rule has been criticized by Rep. Tom Price, Trump’s pick to run HHS, who worries that it burdens doctors. But Slavitt thinks that if MACRA continues to incorporate physician feedback as its architects intended, the law will not only transform Medicare but “change the way that physicians feel about practicing medicine because we’ll simplify it.” He adds: “The most important thing I worked on at CMS was the culture.” More here.

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