Houdini Act: “No one is available to attend”

"No one is available."

“No one is available.”

Is CMS Hunkering Down in the Storm?

FACT: The Secretary’s prepared testimony for a House Energy and Commerce Committee hearing on October 30 was in fact an exact copy of the prepared testimony previously given by CMS Administrator Marilyn Tavenner, when she testified before the House Ways and Means Committee, on October 28.

FACT: The new OPPS Rule and the new Physician Fee Schedules will not be available until on or after November 27.

FACT: CMS, at the last minute, disappeared from the speakers list for the AMA CPT Symposium, this week, claiming “No one is available to give this talk.”

FACT: The Obama Administrations Chief Geek is unavailable to appear before Congress to go over why Healthcare.gov is such a @#@#$ mess, despite having the largest budget for a fricking WEBSITE that we’ve ever heard of…

OPINION: I can’t publish exactly what I think, but it seems to me that there’s LOTS of movement going on behind that curtain…

This disappearing act is quite disturbing. But perhaps it is understandable given the whole Healthcare.gov mess. The Administration may be telling HHS/CMS to slow down and focus on… what? Saving the ACA?

Are Sebelius and Tavenner on their way OUT?

More to come. Watch for our Newsletter on Monday, November 18. We’ll be reporting on what the blogosphere has to say and report…

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