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2 Responses to “Finally Friday!”

  1. Terri Burke says:

    Has there been or will there be a discussion on how to determine if a Medicare beneficiary meets Inpatient criteria when an outpatient procedure is performed on day one or two of the hospital stay; is hemodynamically stable; and receiving an IV antibiotic. They may cross 2 MN and go home on the third day. Any assistance in determining the appropiate level of care (Inpatient/Observation), will be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

  2. Joan Neuner says:

    Has there been discussion on the interpretation of NCCI policy regarding reporting of Inhalation Treatment 94640 in 2017? Per NCCI policy manual Chapter 11 page 26, CPT code 94640 should only be reported once during an episode of
    care regardless of the number of separate inhalation treatments that are
    administered. An episode of care begins when a patient arrives at a facility for
    treatment and terminates when the patient leaves the facility. This is about 85% of our RT productivity. Physician writes an order for albuterol every six hours. Medical record supports necessity of the order. Patient received 4 separate treatments during their observation stay. How are most facilities reporting this type of scenario to Medicare? Any guidance is appreciated. Thank You.


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