“Finally Friday!” UPICs, AHA’s Backlog Solutions, and OBS Benchmarks

FRIDAY October 28, 2016:

“UPICs *may* be awake,
but the AHA certainly is!”

PLUS A Discussion about the
What & Why of OBS Benchmarking


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THIS WEEK, we’re going over some of the details of the UPIC Statement of Work, as promised, but then we’ll switch over to looking at the three solutions that the AHA suggested this week to the Judge in their lawsuit against Secretary Burwell, to compel HHS to comply with their statutory limits on the time to adjudicate appeals.

So… join us as we will be discussing the following:

  • WHAT will the UPICs be doing and when?
  • WHAT is different about them versus the RACs?
  • WHAT are the three solutions AHA suggests to alleviate the backlog at the ALJ level of appeals.
  • WHAT is the OBS Benchmark? (or, did you see a Unicorn?)
  • WHERE is stolen medical data for sale?
  • WHERE are mid-levels making a big impact?

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