“Finally Friday!” Treating the Inpatient-Only Procedure Process

FRIDAY September 9, 2016:

“Treating the
Inpatient-Only Procedure

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Dr. Maria Johar, System Physician Advisor at ProMedica.

Dr. Maria Johar, System Physician Advisor at ProMedica.

THIS WEEK, we have with us once again, Dr. Maria Johar, to talk about how she and her system have solved a ubiquitous set of issues that appear in virtually every hospital – dealing with inpatient-only procedure – especially the difficulty of getting PAID for doing these procedures, which continues to defy revenue cycle professionals everywhere (even the folks who invented much of our reimbursement system, who live in that far-off land known as “Harvard”). One would think that the persons who spend so many years learning to actually perform these procedures would have the hardest task facing them. But alas, ’tis not so…

Enter Dr. Maria Johar and a team of developers who have come up with a solution that is working, and actually making everyone happy, especially the CFO!

So, we will be discussing the following, all about “treating” this epidemic:

  • The Tsunami of Signs and Symptoms
  • The Etiology of Iopilitis (uh… we’ll let Dr. Johar pronounce this one…)
  • Current Treatments & Their (Dismal) Results
  • What would a REAL Solution Look Like?
  • The Solution Discovered!

So join us, share your own insights and bring your questions for us!

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