“Finally Friday!” The New RAC Statement of Work for 2016

FRIDAY November 13, 2015:

Appeal Academy | CMS RAC SOW

“Reviewing the New RAC Statement of Work & Program Enhancements”

Why are there now FIVE SOWs?

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CMS posted the new RAC Statement of Work (SOW) on November 6, to ask for bids from contractors to continue the infamous program. In previous iterations, CMS posted one or two SOW documents, but this time, there are 5 – one for each of the 5 “regions” that the RACs will operate in, including one region that is the entire nation.

We will review the one SOW posted for Region 1, although we are not sure if it is the same as the others, but we’re pretty sure it is different from the one for DMEPOS, Home Health and Hospice, which is the exclusive nationwide RAC for such claims.

Anyway, here’s what we’ll discuss on this week’s show:

  1. Highlights in the New RAC SOW
  2. What’s Missing?
  3. Other Updates, according to CMS

So listen in, share your own insights and bring your questions for us!

Tune in on Friday, same Bat Time, same Bat Channel…

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