“Finally Friday!” The Changing Role of Case Management

Friday, August 18 2017

The Changing Role of Case Management


Who is supposed to do Care Management vs. Case Management vs. Discharge Planning vs. PAC Resource Planning?

And is anybody planning THAT??

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Some plans are just flat bad, once executed, you know?

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THIS WEEK, we have two very knowledgeable industry veterans with us:  Stefani Daniels and Day Egusquiza! What a treat!

Stefani Daniels

Day Egusquiza

We will be talking about the current state of Case Management in the industry, with MUCH discussion about how it could be improved and help support all the reforms being thrown at hospitals and providers by the move to to Value Based or Perfomance Based care and reimbursement.

Anyway, THIS week, Stefani, Day and our Panel will be discussing :

  • WHAT is “Care Coordination”
  • WHAT is a “Care Manager”
  • WHAT is the job of “Case Management”
  • WHAT is Utilization Review & Utilization Management
  • WHAT is the current State of the Union for Care Management
  • WHAT do Case Managers wind up doing today in the real world
  • HOW are ACOs driving changes in all this today
  • WHO should really be doing WHAT
  • HOW do we deal with both Care Coordination AND Reimbursement

So join us, share your own insights and bring your questions for us!

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