“Finally Friday!” Subjectivity in Denials

FRIDAY February 24 2017:

Subjectivity in Denials


How MAP Payors See Reality Differently

Motivational Poster from a Medicare Advantage Plan Payor Auditing Bull Pen

Motivational Poster from a Medicare Advantage Plan Payor Auditing Bull Pen – recently secreted out by a RAC Shadow agent…

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Denise Wilson, RN MS RRT

Denise Wilson, RN MS RRT

THIS WEEK, we have a great preview of some free webinars coming up by Denise Wilson, Vice President at AppealMasters / Intersect Healthcare. Denise is doing a 2-part webinar on appeals topics – the first one on March 1st is about how to understand and appeal Medicare Advantage Plan (MAP) denials, especially how to write a winning appeal. The second one on March 9th will have a little different content, focusing more about strategies for appealing.

Anyway, THIS week on our show, Denise is doing a bit of a preview of what she will be doing on the March 1st webinar.

ANYWAY… the question for us this week is:

Do MAP Auditors see reality the same way we do?

Be SURE to join us when Denise will be discussing these key points:

  • WHAT policies do Medicare Advantage Plans follow?
  • HOW can you make sense of those policies? (Assuming that’s possible?)
  • WHAT is their definition of Medical Necessity?
  • WHAT is their definition of Clinical Validation?
  • HOW to speak their language for your best defense?
  • WHEN can you really challenge MAP denials? (when you have a contract)
  • HOW can you challenge MAPs you do NOT have a contract with?

So join us, share your own insights and bring your questions for us!

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