“Finally Friday!” Solutions to RAC ADRs, Global Settlement Offer

FRIDAY September 26, 2014

Solutions to Recent CMS Initiatives

How Some Providers Address Them

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Recent news is causing anger, confusion, fear and loneliness. Finally Friday! can at least help alleviate the loneliness, and hopefully, our expert panels can help reduce the confusion.

One thing’s for sure… it’s not boring around here, is it?

This week we’ll cover two key subjects and the re-appearance of RAC ADRs

To advise us, we’ve asked several Special Guests to speak on the following topics:

  • Recent updates to the Global Settlement Offer
  • How are providers responding to that offer?
  • What have you done about Transmittal 541 and how have staff responded?
  • Are you seeing RAC ADRs again, and if so, for what?

Here to give us a short review of some new wrinkles that CMS has introduced to the Global Settlement Offer will be Dr. Ralph Wuebker, CMO for Executive Health Resources. Dr. Wuebker will also give his advice for how to make your decision about taking this offer or not.

Also joining us will be two veteran Physician Advisors, and we hope to add a couple more to the panel during the show.  At the moment, we will have on-hand Dr. Larry Field from Munroe Regional Medical Center in Ocala, Florida, and Dr. Mike Salvatore from Beebe Healthcare in Lewes, Delaware.

Replay and Handouts

…Included in the Handouts for this week…

AHA Appeals v. Settlement Checklist
AHA Letter to CMS dated Sept 25 2014
CMS Settlement FAQs dated Sept 8 2014
CMS Settlement FAQs dated Sept 16 2014
CMS Settlement FAQs dated Sept 22 2014
Finally Friday! Powerpoint [SLIDES]

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