“Finally Friday!” Section 603: Escape from the Maze

FRIDAY December 16, 2016:

“Escaping the Maze of Section 603”

This ain’t no field of dreams


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THIS WEEK, we can’t exactly say we’re going to pull back another curtain or open the box or even reveal any secrets. But instead, we CAN say that we are going to take at least the first steps at solving the bizarre and rather Byzantine puzzle that is Section 603 – CMS’ latest attempt to ameliorate Congress’ ever present thirst to cut the cost of government provided healthcare, and more specifically the reimbursements to Medicare and Medicaid providers.


Valerie Rinkle, MPA

Jugna Shah, MPH

Jugna Shah, MPH

If you find yourself having trouble figuring out what the so-called Site Neutral Payment Rules are all about, you are NOT alone!

We are privileged to have two nationally recognized experts in health care policy come spend over an hour with us this week, to help us understand this maze of a rule. We have Jugna Shah, President and Founder of Nimitt Consulting, as well as another Principal Partner at Nimitt, Valerie Rinkle. See their impressive biographies here!

Be SURE to join us as Jugna and Valerie will be discussing the key points and leading us all through the maze…

  • WHAT are these Provider Based Rules, anyway?
  • WHAT did CY2017 OPPS FR say about how to do 603?
  • WHAT did the Cures Act cure or relieve or kill for this subject?
  • WHAT is the difference between -PN v. -PO Modifiers?
  • WHAT does it all mean for existing v. new off-campus sites?
  • WHAT do we learn from 2-3 case scenarios?

So join us, share your own insights and bring your questions for us!

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