“Finally Friday!” Reviewing CJR Reimbursement Model

Friday, April 28 2017

Reviewing the Comprehensive Care for Joint Replacement Model

The Latest Methodology that Fortells How CMS Won’t Pay You Today, Tomorrow and Thereafter

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Nuff said.

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THIS WEEK, we do a brief overview of the TOP TEN things you should pay attention to in the Comprehensive Care for Joint Replacement (CJR) model.

Now, you may call us obtuse, you may even call us late to the party… but we disagree… Cuz see… they have made some changes to several of their “Innovation Center” models of late, and they are – in our minds – indicative of the creativity of the CMS bureaucratic policies to find new and not-so-clever-or-hidden methods to pay even less for care, while… oh you know what I have to say about all that. It just makes things more difficult for providers and everyone else, for that matter.


Be SURE to join us when our Panel will be discussing :

  • WHAT are top ten concerns you might want to pay attention to in CCJR?
  • WHAT are the recommended methods for documenting Medical Necessity for CJR?
  • WHY do you need a whole TEAM of people to do this?
  • WHY are we saying that CJR is opening the door for LOTS of other models?
  • WHAT are the Top Ten Things Tom Price will Never Accomplish, besides TrumpCare?

So join us, share your own insights and bring your questions for us!

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