“Finally Friday!” Review of FY2015 OIG Work Plan

FRIDAY November 14, 2014

FY2015 OIG Plan & OPPS Wrinkles

We Review the FY15 OIG Work Plan
with help from Dr. Ron Hirsch of Accretive PAS

And Did Certification Really Die, or Just Go Dark?

Get the Handouts & Watch the Replay


Well… CMS is silent this week – per their usual, so here’s my music video, if you’ve never seen it, my apologies to the Go-Go’s. Anyway, since CMS is not talking, we can’t go on and on about the Global Settlement this week, since the deadline to file or ask for a list has passed…  Anyway, you can blame/thank Dr. Hirsch for introducing me to the GoAnimate video tool…


Dr. Hirsch graciously consented to give us all his analysis of the new plans from the OIG, to give us all a chance to see what they are finding, and what they say providers are doing incorrectly.

But fortunately for us, the OIG released their new FY2015 Work Plan, last Friday, and I knew that Dr. Ron Hirsch would be digging into the document, so I asked him to come on the show and share his observations with us all.

So… we also wanted to touch on two topics that were lighting up the rac-relief Google Group posts, this week:

  • Certification guidance in the FY2014 OPPS Final Rule, and
  • Can time in transfer from one acute hospital to another count towards 2 midnights?

Hear our answers and guidance, along with the references we’d use to support our advice.



…included in this week’s Handouts…
Dr. Hirsch’s Slides on the FY2015 OIG Work Plan
OIG FY2015 Work Plan [PDF]
CMS FY2015 OPPS Final Rule Display Copy
CMS FY2015 OPPS Final Rule Federal Register Copy
CMS Global Settlement Offer Oct 09 2014 Conf Call Transcript
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