“Finally Friday” Population Health Reimbursement Primer

FRIDAY March 24, 2017:

Primer: A Fundamental Change in Reimbursement

ACA, ACHA, YMCA, LBJ, Y.A. Tiddle:
Call It What You Will, Not Even Congress
Can Stop This Transformation

Choices are few, and not far between… Heck, they’re not even far away…

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bill malm

Bill Malm is a co-host of Finally Friday! and a long time contributor to our shows.

THIS WEEK, given the uncertainties and upheavals going on in Washington, and because we have long wanted to begin a series of talks about the role of Population Health Management and its concomitant changes in how health care services are measured and reimbursed, we *finally* are able to present a primer on what it all means, and what it will mean – NOW, not in the distant future – for healthcare providers –  physicians, other providers, and healthcare facilities.

Once again, as we have been doing for 3 years, we will point out the continued and ever-lasting importance of documentation, which long ago was tagged by the likes of Dr. Larry Weed as crucial, claiming that “the medical record IS the practice of medicine.

Bill Malm created a Primer on all this for ZirMed, and so this presentation is made, courtesy of ZirMed, for your benefit.

ANYWAY… the question(s) for us this week is/are:

HOW will we in the US make this change?
HOW will it change reimbursements? and
WHY is it needed?

Be SURE to join us when Bill Malm and our Panelists will be discussing :

  • HOW did we get to this point?
  • WHAT does Population Health Management really mean for the US?
  • WHAT kind of changes were made via the Affordable Care Act?
  • WHAT kind of changes *might* the GOP Healthcare plan make?
  • WHO will be driving this cultural change?
  • WHY oh WHY does this need to happen, like it or not?

So join us, share your own insights and bring your questions for us!

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