“Finally Friday!” Physician Advisor Best Practices

Friday, December 8 2017

Best Practices for the Best Results
with an Onsite Physician Advisor


How do you get the best bang for your buck?

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The question is often asked:  onsite or offsite? What’s better?


Finally Friday! Broadcasts are Sponsored by
The Health Law Partners, and Sound Physicians

Dr. Ahtaridis is the national clinical leader for Sound Advisory Services, driving performance improvement for secondary reviews and claims denials.

THIS WEEK, we’re privileged to have Simon Ahtaridis, MDChief Medical Officer for Sound Physicians Advisory Services.

Join us to hear Dr. Ahtaridis talk about a passion of his, developing the physician advisor position and proving its value in any hospital.

The question for this week is: can you really afford to NOT have a Physician Advisor?

SO… THIS week, Dr. Ahtaridis will be revealing :

  • HOW a Physician Advisor can POSITIVELY affect Rounding
  • HOW a Physician Advisor can POSITIVELY affect a CDI program to actually improve documentation
  • HOW a Physician Advisor can reduce the need for Code 44 usage
  • WHAT are the SECRETS to changing your hospital culture to be more enjoyable, cooperative and agreeable!

So join us, share your own insights and bring your questions for us!

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