“Finally Friday!” Outpatient CDI: It’s Not About the EASY Button!

Friday, September 22 2017

Outpatient CDI:
It’s Not About the EASY Button!


How Do You Know Where To START
If You Don’t Know Where You’re GOING?

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THIS WEEK, we have invited Glenn Krauss, an indefatigable crusader for the promise of Clinical Documentation Improvement and frequent guest on our panels, to come discuss with us the newest “thing” or shiny object being pursued by hospitals to *supposedly* improve physician documentation.

I say supposedly, because we at Appeal Academy think that the focus of CDI has been usurped by several at least somewhat insidious business forces that consume the focus and attention hospital executive suites, today. Bluntly speaking, the Bottom Line has become their main focus, to the detriment of actually doing what’s necessary to improve documentation.

“But how can you say that, Ernie?” you ask… Well, it’s quite simple, really. Look at what CDI specialists do – from the viewpoint of the people they interact with on a daily basis… that is, the physicians. Go ahead!  Ask your own folks… see what they say!

Also, consider what hospitals measure to judge the efficacy of CDI programs. Mostly, they measure revenue, aka the Bottom Line.

Anyway, we’ll talk about where CDI for Outpatient seems to be headed – you can probably guess where that is – but we’ll also talk about where it SHOULD be headed, and even how YOU might be able to “head it off,” so to speak!

SO… THIS week, our Panel will be discussing :

  • WHY all the sudden interest in OP CDI
  • WHAT kind of things are OP CDIS being told they need to do
  • WHAT kind of things will probably be measured for all that
  • WHAT kinds of things will the Government notice, as a result
  • WHY you can’t get the C-Suite to change the focus
  • HOW *could* you help change the direction, or if not that…
  • HOW *could* you at least sound the alarm!

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