“Finally Friday!” News & Review of the HCPro Revenue Integrity Symposium 2016

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FRIDAY September 30, 2016:

“News & Review of the HCPro Revenue Integrity Symposium 2016”

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bill malm at RIS

Bill Malm and Elizabeth Lamkin teaching about how to win in the increasingly complex audit environment.

THIS WEEK, Bill Malm and I will go over some of the great information we got this week while attending (me) and teaching (Bill) at the HCPro Revenue Integrity Symposium 2016 here in San Antonio. It was a great experience! And I have some very interesting info to share.

Also, we’ll be reviewing some of the interesting news from this past week, especially the news that CMS is reopening the Hospital Appeals Settlement process, to work on reducing the 800,000+ appeals backlog at OMHA for Level 3 ALJ Hearings. Evidently, not because it was such a smashing success before, but because they have nothing else that could make a dent in the backlog.

So, JOIN US when we will be BRIEFLY discussing the following:

(several of these will be upcoming shows with lots more detail!)

  • WHY you should make sure you understand the Final Rules for IPPS, OPPS and PFS;
  • HOW CoP and CfP are slowly being blurred by CMS;
  • WHAT all the status indicator changes may mean for your billing;
  • HOW Section 603 changes may affect some of your billing;
  • WHY you should take a careful look at Condition Code W2;
  • HOW the “physician judgement exception” may save you from CC44;
  • WHY you may need to send something else to the ALJs;
  • WHY and HOW procedures get on/off the Inpatient-Only List;
  • Highlights of the 2017 IPPS Operating Payment Calculations.

(We’re giving brief points about what we learned in the Special Edition Shows)

Be sure to go watch the two Special Edition shows on THIS page.

So join us, share your own insights and bring your questions for us!

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