“Finally Friday!” NEW Changes in the Medicare Appeals Process

FRIDAY January 27, 2017:

“NEW Changes in the
Medicare Appeals Process”


How to Deal with a Regulation as thick as
the novel Les Miserables, even harder
to understand, and not as likely to be
on your weekend reading list


Most of us had to read this in high school, and now we have to read 639 pages even far more boring. Loved the movie, though – at least the 1998 version with Liam Neeson.

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Bob Soltis, retired ALJ

Bob Soltis – Retired Administrative Law Judge

THIS WEEK, we have asked retired Administrative Law Judge, Bob Soltis, to come back and help us understand this YUGE regulation, and what it will mean for providers trying to defend against denials and/or win appeals.

Besides the nightmare of trying to wade thru this 639 pages of legalese and impossibly phrased commentary – perhaps reminding you more of 1984 than Les Mis – there are some truly key changes that everyone needs to understand to perhaps give you an advantage in your appeals!

Be SURE to join us as Bob Soltis will be discussing these key points:

• WHAT are the most significant changes just made ?

• WHAT is an attorney adjudicator and how do they work?

• WHAT changes might be used to your advantage?

• WHAT can you now do to submit new evidence to the ALJ?

• WHAT do precedential decisions mean for your claims?


So join us, share your own insights and bring your questions for us!

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