“Finally Friday!” Managed Care Anguish

FRIDAY April 1, 2016:

Managed Care Anguish”
“Your Revenue Cycle Has the Flu”

Funny... it looks the same as when YOU get the flu...

Funny… it looks the same when YOU get the flu…

And remember… the flu can be deadly if left untreated!

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THIS WEEK, Day Egusquiza & Dr. Maria Johar are our special guests, for a full hour of discussion about how to “treat” the growing issues in managed care reimbursements.

Day Egusquiza, full of passion as always!

Day Egusquiza, full of passion as always!

Day will be sharing what she’s teaching hospitals about:

  • Like the Flu, you can’t” get rid of” Managed Care, but you can certainly treat it!
  • UR Teams – How to best handle Precertifications and dealing with the various Payors
  • Denial Mgmt Teams – How to talk to and work with your UR Team
  • Contract Mgmt Teams – Are you talking to anyone? Like UR? Or Denial Mgmt.?

Dr. Maria Johar, Physician Advisor at ProMedica.

Dr. Johar will then be sharing her direct experiences with:

  • Treatments for dealing with specific Payors (e.g., Aetna, Humana)
  • Treatments for dealing with “Silos” (at UR, Denial Mgmt, Contract Mgmt, others)
  • Knowing when to “seek medical advice” (when, why and where to get help!)

Speaking of getting help (education)… you’ll also see a brief preview of what’s in the upcoming PA/UR Boot Camp in San Antonio, this July.

And finally, hear about a Brand New Two-Day Onsite Physician Advisor Training, where you can “shadow” an experienced, successful Physician Advisor (like Dr. Johar) for two days and see first-hand how it’s all done!

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