“Finally Friday!” Major Coding Changes in 2017

FRIDAY January 13, 2017:

“Major Coding Changes in 2017”


Election 2016 was just a warm-up.

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Wasn’t ICD-10 supposed to be better somehow? Better for WHOM?

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THIS WEEK, we return with our first show of 2017, a review of the ICD-10-CM Coding Update, by our revered coding expert, Mary Gregory.

In December 2016, AHA Coding Clinic weighed in on some of the most significant guideline changes in the past 20+ years!

Mary Gregory, RHIT CCS CPC CPC-I CCS ICD-10 Trainer

Mary Gregory, RHIT CCS CPC CPC-I CCS ICD-10 Trainer

Be SURE to join us as Mary Gregory will be discussing the key points, including…

  • WHAT does “Clinical Validation” mean in coding & auditing?
  • WHAT are the given directions for utilization of “with”?
  • WHAT are the sequences guidelines for hypertensive emergency/crisis?
  • HOW do you code a dx of AMI within 28 days?
  • HOW does the PxDx apply to hospice coding?
  • WHAT are the newest OP Dx coding guidelines?
  • WHAT is the newest guidance related to newborns and complications?

Want MORE of Mary? Preview Mary’s YouTube Channel, LinkedIn and FB pages.

So join us, share your own insights and bring your questions for us!

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