“Finally Friday!” How Rounding Can Make a Physician Advisor a Change Agent

Rounding: Making the Physician Advisor
an Agent of Change in a Hospital

Drs. Howard Stein and Michael Salvatore

Plus Yet More Scenarios from Dr. Pahuja


Dr. Mike Salvatore, at the PAUR Boot Camp


Dr. Howie Stein, at the PAUR Boot Camp

At the recent PAUR Boot Camp in Chicago, I once again sat and listened to Dr. Stein and Dr. Salvatore go over one of the most important things they do on a daily basis, in their role as Physician Advisors: rounding at their hospital. I am convinced that this is a key “missing link” to changing the way physicians document, to produce a medical record that can survive audit and review.

So here’s what we covered on the show:

  • How this process/practice came about
  • How it was accepted, what challenges did they both face to enable the process
  • How have their processes changed over time
  • Recommendations for others who want to adopt a rounding process

Also, again joining us this week was Dr. Deepak Pahuja, CEO & CMO at Aerolib Healthcare Solutions, who provided a scenario and quiz about SNF qualifying stays, which was a perfect example to show how a physician advisor and rounding program could prevent real, not-uncommon problems for both hospitals and patients.

Included in this week’s handouts were:

Slides for Dr. Stein & Dr. Salvatore Interview on Rounding
Slides for Dr. Pahuja’s SNF Test & Scenario
Medicare Benefits Policy Manual, Chapter 8
Medicare Booklet on Coverage of SNF Care

Replay and Handouts

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