“Finally Friday!” Hospital Case Management Best Practices

FRIDAY September 4, 2015:

“Hospital Case Management
Best Practices

The Five Key Themes
of Contemporary
Care Management

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This is from an article on what was happening in the industry, opening up more opportunities for nurses as “care managers” — click the image to view the article.

Hospitals are grand organizations that involve tons of processes, systems and people, providing healthcare for various populations. As such, they require management to ensure appropriate performance – both for the patients and the providers. I’ve said before that a hospital reminds me of a manufacturing plant, and I’ve worked in several. One of the key groups of people that a plant depends upon is typically called Product Management, responsible for the experience of both the manufacturer and the consumer. They were advocates for both the buyer and the seller. After spending time with our speakers this week, I see that the same kind of “advocates” exist in healthcare, and they are involved in Care Management.

Stefani Daniels, Founder & Managing Partner at PhoenixMed.

Steven J Meyerson, M.D. Independent Consultant

If you have attended more than a few of our shows, you are familiar with both our Guest Speakers this week, Stefani Daniels and Dr. Steve Meyerson. They have collaborated to not only talk about best practices, but also discuss the value and fit of the role of the Physician Advisor.

And I might add this — while the title of Physician Advisor was adopted by some vendors as the title for some of their consultants, inside a hospital today, the role becomes far more inclusive, and if I may say, far more important than just advising on documentation and reimbursement for specific claims.

On this week’s show, we will be discussing:

  • Getting clear on the purpose of Care Management
  • It’s a Team: Who all is involved and why?
  • Tons of Data: But what’s useful?
  • Values of the Daily & Weekly Routines
  • What the Physician Advisor role calls for, today

So listen in, and get our handouts, below…

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