“Finally Friday!” Dealing with Copy & Paste in Documentation

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FRIDAY February 5, 2016:

“Copy Forward, Is It All So Permissible?”

a Presentation by Dr. John Zelem of EHR on Cloning in Documentation

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Dr. John Zelem

Dr. John Zelem is a renowned industry author, and regularly contributes articles to healthcare trade publications and peer-reviewed journals.

This week, we are happy to bring you are a very special presentation by John Zelem, MD, FACS, a General Surgeon, and Vice President of Compliance and Physician Education (ACE) for Executive Health Resources (EHR). We’ve had Dr. Zelem on our show a few times before, speaking on the basics of documentation and on how physicians need to recognize that the audience for their documentation has changed.

Everyone complains about how “cloning” or “Copy & Paste” is such a problem, so Dr. Zelem has been studying this for some time. Now he has a fresh new talk about it all and wants to share his thoughts, insights and conclusions with you all.

In his presentation, Dr. Zelem hopes to answer these questions for us:

  1. Is “Cloning” really such a big problem and how can you tell?
  2. What part of it is illegal, and what part is just poor documentation habits?
  3. What’s the difference between Cloning and “Note Bloat”?
  4. What does the AHIMA, the OIG, CMS, and the DOJ say about it all?

Finally, he will offer a summary and some practical suggestions for providers on dealing with this difficult and persistent issue in medical record documentation and revenue cycle management.

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