“Finally Friday!” CMS OMHA Settlement Conferences and Statistical Sampling

OMHA Settlement Conferences
OMHA Statistical Sampling

Alternate but Rejected Title for this Show:

How CMS Plans to Use Your Money to Solve Their Problems

abby.jpgWe were joined this week by Jessica Gustafson and Abby Pendleton from The Health Law Partners, as we went over what you need to know and consider, when looking at the new OMHA Settlement Conference Facilitation Pilot program, and the CMS Statistical Sampling Initiative, which seems to CMS’ disingenuous way of getting providers to love extrapolation.

Worth the price of admission alone:  Jessica and Abby’s article just published in The Health LawyerMEDICARE APPEALS ADJUDICATION DELAYS:

Trust me: the citations in the Endnotes

(…77 references… count ‘em) are a MUST HAVE.

Included for Handouts this week were lots of useful documents:

Jessica & Abby’s article from The Health Lawyer
All the posted OMHA documents on Settlement Facilitation Conferences
All the posted OMHA documents on Statistical Sampling Initiative
Improving Audits – Report by Senate’s Committee on Aging
AHA’s Special Bulletin on the OMHA Pilot Projects
MLN Matters Number SE1232 – FAQs on the 3-Day Window

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