“Finally Friday!” – Can You Rebill Part B for Inpatient or Not?

Key Questions: Dates You Need to Know for Part B Inpatient Rebilling

Key Questions: Dates You Need to Know for Part B Inpatient Rebilling

Joining us this week was Jessica Gustafson from The Health Law Partners, and one of our frequent listeners and commenters, Dr. Larry Field also joined us briefly – as we went over our new Decision Trees to help you know if you can rebill a denied Part A claim for Part B inpatient services. We separated the logic into two scenarios:

    1. Denial Upheld
      (you lost an appeal)
    2. New Denials
      (no appeal filed yet)

You can download and post, copy, distribute, whatever – as long as you reproduce them as is. If you want to edit them or use them as a basis for your own, simply give credit to the originals & the authors, and you are free to do so.

Toward the end of the show, as promised, we also briefly reviews a “revised” version of one of last weeks trees, for Converting OBS to IP Under the 2-Midnight Rule.

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