“Finally Friday!” Can Denials Be Predicted?

FRIDAY February 12, 2016:

“Can We Predict Denials by Payors?”

YES, surely!

We’ll show you how to do better
than a Magic 8 Ball can do…

(and we promise to stop calling you Shirley)

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This week, Bill Malm and I will go over how there are tools sets out there that can reliably help you predict payor denials before your claims go out the door. Why do that? So you can avoid those denials, or at least know that you might be in for a fight with the payor over that claim.

cervantes-5-18-45As they say… “Forewarned is forearmed.”

As a primer on the subject, see my recent article in our blog, Can Denials Be Predicted Before Filing Claims? and get a head start on the subject matter.

Basically, we want to show you the benefits of using Data Analytics in self discovery. That is, how you can find the errors or issues in your claims data BEFORE the external auditors find them.

Keep in mind: we are NOT trying to scare you. External auditors are already doing this, and you know the results. We’re just trying to do what we normally do every week: point you in the direction of a possible solution.

So, in our show, we will show you how predictive analytics can laser focus your internal audits, and we’ll help you with the answers to these questions:

  1. How do you know that all your charges are appropriate?
    … do they match-up, or are they lost, missing, or over/under-billed?
  2. Why doesn’t your Bill Scrubber catch all those issues?
    … and what’s the difference?
  3. How does this help your internal audits?
    … and can we cite a real-world example of its value?

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