“Finally Friday!” Audit Risk Score: What Do YOU Measure?

FRIDAY January 16, 2015:

Audit Risk Score:
What Do YOU Measure?

Dr. Deepak Pahuja Discusses
Results He Gets & How He Gets Them

Watch the Replay and Get the Handouts

Deepak Pahuja, MD MBA FACP FHM, has been speaking and helping hospitals teach physician documentation for several years, at his company Aerolib.

After a short stint as a RAC auditor, Dr. Deepak Pahuja established his firm, Aerolib, to help teach physician documentation improvement for hospitals and hospital systems. I often kid him about having fallen to the Dark Side for a time, but I have always found his insights on the mind of an auditor to be very helpful and instructive. You can find a recording of him speaking at the 8th National RAC Summitoutlining lessons he learned while working as an auditor for a RAC.

But on our show this week, he joined us to discuss another type of analysis that can be used to possibly enhance your education efforts for improving documentation, by all parties involved.

Using this type of analysis, Dr. Pahuja has developed a scale, called an Audit Risk Score, based upon a complex statistical analysis of multiple variables.

You can watch a 7-minute video below, as background on what kind of analysis is being done, but our show will be focusing on using the results of this analysis, not the analysis itself, to help convince anyone doing documentation that each word in the record is more important that they perhaps imagine.

For now, RAC issues are limited... but for how long?

For now, RAC issues are limited… but for how long?

We also went over some news that did popup this week on the latest wrinkles in the RAC program. For the latest we know, see my latest article on the blog.

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